You accomplished it!

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished a thing!

You look like you could use some encouragement. You! The one who has accomplished amazing feats on more than one occasion! It boggles the mind that a person such as you needs to be bolstered in this way, and yet here we are. Shall we begin, you amazing person, you?

I’m doing this in spite of my own inadequacy

First off, I just want to say that I can’t believe I’m in the position of trying to bring you up and make you feel better. Me! Who has not accomplished nearly so much as you in your greatness! Really. It’s too much. I can’t even.*

Still, I will do my best to lift you off of the base, unworthy rock, and back into the firmament where you belong. Because you’re a star.

We still talk about that one time

It barely registers repeating, so we’ll just call it “that amazing thing you did.” You know the one. First, you were filled with doubt! There were naysayers at your elbows, and fear in your heart. It wasn’t looking good for the home team. You needed to complete a Hail Mary pass. Also, other sports metaphors.

I don’t know if you know this, but I was with the naysayers. I’m not gonna lie. I mean, I wanted you to succeed, but really, given the task ahead of you… what were the odds?

But then, something truly amazing happened.

You did the thing

And all at once, we were silenced. You left us mere mortals behind and proved yourself a true leader of women/men. Not only that, but you were “aw shucks” gracious! A real champ about it! So approachable.

I mean, we were total asses about the whole thing. Some of us even made fun of your attire. But no more! After your defining event, we were all like, “Hey, you’re all right! Where do you get your shirts?”

Which brings us to today

So I see you’re feeling kind of low, and I just want you to know that I’ve learned something very, very important from you: It’s not our accomplishments that make us great. It’s our effort.

What am I saying? Don’t even know what that means! So, you know, if you feel like taking pride in your efforts, that’s cool. But also remember that amazing thing you did. Because we all do.

So get back to being great. We need you! Not to make you feel more nervous or inadequate or anything. No pressure! But hurry up. Sports metaphor here.


* (finish this sentence because I’m so amazed that I am in this particular position.)

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