Does Your Culinary School Need a Team Name?

When culinary schools need mascots

It has come to my attention that most culinary schools don’t have athletic teams or mascots. How can this be? Culinary arts students are missing out on a crucial aspect of college life: a team to rally behind (or, in my college experience, totally ignore).

Since I’m sure that culinary school deans everywhere will read this and realize their error, I have provided a list of possible team names, mascots, and battle mottos that can be used immediately. Bon appetit!

Team name: Sous Chefs
Mascot: Plated Peter
Battle motto: Second-in-command in the kitchen, but totally in charge on the field!

Team name: The Sauciers
Mascot: Sally Saucepan
Battle motto: We’re gonna coat the opposition in a nice reduction of shame.

Team name: The Flambeaus
Mascot: Flaming Francis
Battle motto: Smell something burning? THAT’S YOU!

Team name: Crèmes Brûlées
Mascot: Ramekin Ralph
Battle motto: Victoire!

Team name: Barbecue Pits
Mascot: Sammy Pig Spit
Battle motto: We turn the enemy over an open flame until nicely roasted.

Team name: The Al Dentes
Mascot: Toothy Tooth
Battle motto: Your team, perfectly boiled, every time.

Team name: Short Order Cooks
Mascot: Clicky the Egg Timer
Battle motto: You want a side of humiliation with that?

Team name: Smoothies
Mascot: Blender Billy
Battle motto: You’re about to get EMULSIFIED.

I look forward to watching your future athletic exploits on the Food Network. Go team!

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