Political Attack Ads: a Path to Reform

Political Ads

Enough is enough. Political attack ads need to change. Politicians need original angles, new questions, and higher standards. Most of all, political operatives need to lose their fear of making even less sense than they do now. Here are a few suggested attack ad lines that I’ve written, and I approve of any national political committee […]

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Social Media and Idiots Such as Me

As I was looking for carpet-to-flat flooring transitions at Lowe’s the other day, something about my surroundings caught me funny. Among all of the big box home improvement stores, Lowe’s strikes me as the most suburban by far. It’s such a clean, respectable looking place. I had been asked twice if I needed help finding […]

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Room for Improvement

I met an interesting man at a conference that my company recently hosted. His name is Juan Carlos, and he is a banquets manager at the hotel in which our conference was held. I liked him immediately for his willingness to get in front of us and determine what we needed. He was supernaturally good […]

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Asteroid 10254 Hunsrück and You

Asteroid or Comet or Sponge

Let’s talk asteroids! Take, for example, 10254 Hunsrück. It sounds like an address in an upscale German neighborhood. Turns out, it’s the name of an asteroid. An asteroid! How did asteroids get such cool names? Seriously, if I needed to change my name and drop out of normal society, I would choose 10254 Hunsrück over […]

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Cashier Cachet: Life Lessons in Line

Everything I need to know I learned as a cashier

I was a cashier at a local grocery store during my three-year stint at a two-year community college. When I think back on my many jobs, few of my occupations taught as much as my time cashiering for folks in the suburbs. Really. Here are some of the many life lessons I learned during that surprisingly educational […]

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Nostalgia vs. Generation X

Generation X toys

I am a member of Generation X. After suffering years of being painted as apathetic creatures of extreme privilege and sloth, my Generation X counterparts have been let off of the hook for some time now. “Generation Y,” though saddled with the phenomenon of the “helicopter parent,” seem to be holding down jobs and buying […]

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You Had One Job, Polar Vortex

Polar vortex 2014 in Minnesota

During one of my recent walks in the woods near my workplace, I was overcome by a stifling wave of humid, windless heat. The leaves around me crowded in, and the normally boisterous wildlife grew still. I half expected a band of jungle explorers, heads adorned in pith helmets, to tumble out of the thicket and onto […]

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Nature is Trying to Kill Me

Many are the tales of unprepared explorers and pioneers who, having underestimated nature, fall victim to the dangers of the natural world. In spite of the fact that I live in a human-dominated landscape where raw nature has been pushed to the boundaries, I refuse to believe that the threats of nature are so easily […]

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